Dr. Nikolas Löw


Tridomus, Haus C, Ebene 5
Ludolf-Krehl Straße 13-17
68135 Mannheim
Phone: +49 (0)621 383 6913
Mail: nikolas.loewmedma.uni-heidelberg.de


- Optimization and simulation for vessel cleaning
- Quality control of composite materials using computed tomography
- Decision support and prediction systems for optimal cancer therapy
- Follow-up care and monitoring of patients with tumor diseases
- Intelligent orthosis to improve the gait pattern in children with cerebral palsy
- Extended therapy decision for patients with rare tumor diseases
- Support system for neurosurgical operations using augmented reality
- AI system for the management of pathological rapid cuts
- Coded Aperture X-ray camera system for the detection of gamma-ray sources
- Health monitoring to improve cancer treatment processes with smartwatches